Six Advantages of Micro-dosing Magic Mushrooms and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Micro-dosing is the practice of taking psycho-active ingredients such as LSD in very low quantities to increase creativity and cognitive abilities in the target individuals. LSDs have been classified as prohibited drugs for many years due to their hallucinogenic effects on users. They have remained banned until recently when researchers discovered essential benefits that the compound can have on users with certain health conditions. in as much as its social use is banned, experts are now administering this compound in low quantities for numerous conditions.  

The Benefits of Micro-dosing Mushrooms 

Micro-dosing mushrooms have the same properties as those found in hemp plants or marijuana. Psychedelic use has numerous benefits and uncountable advantages if administered responsibly, ensuring to never cause users to be high with the drug. If administered according to medical recommendations, the benefits are: 

Alcohol and Tobacco dependence Remedy 

Research conducted recently found that psychedelic administration helped patients with high dependence on tobacco and alcohol to quit smoking excessive alcohol consumption. That is a report that was posted on Harm Reduction Journal ( which gave details of the numerous benefits associated with psychedelics including improvement on alcohol and tobacco use.  

Reducing Occurrences of Depression 

The psychedelic compounds found in micro-dosing mushrooms works on serotonin found in the cortex of the brain to reduce the effects of depression-causing agents. A few minutes after consuming this compound from psilocybin found in the magic mushrooms causes you to experience an increased focus and energy. This is why most people take psychedelics. Instead of continued exposure to anxiety and depression, one finds himself more energized and focused and can accomplish things that ordinarily he would not have achieved.  

Pain Killer 

The compound found in the micro-dosing mushrooms has THC & CBD compounds that are instrumental in reducing pain. Health experts have continued to administer the dose to cancer patients with severe pain and the results have been very positive. Psychedelics are very effective in reducing chronic pain. 

Treatment for Acne 

The psychedelic compounds found in micro-dosing mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory agents that help in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.  Even though there are no confirmed research projects on its effectiveness against acne,  reports from those on whom it is administered indicate very positive results.  

Treatment of PTSD  

PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) occurs when one goes through a traumatic experience that leads to a set of abnormally disturbing reactions. Psychedelics found in micro-dosing mushroom have been found to work against such adverse reactions, restoring stability and quality cognition.  

Increased focus and Cognition 

Taking psilocybin compounds in small quantities increases individual focus and energy. That means it is an agent that increases the individual’s concentration levels.  

Micro-dosing Magic Mushrooms is, therefore, a very important source of natural chemicals that are useful to our bodies in several ways. Being a member of the cannabis genus, it is a psychoactive drug that taken either smoked, vaporized or in tinctures. The magic mushroom will continue to generate more debate due to its importance although it still is prohibited from being used socially.  

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